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Elvis Metrins

In a nutshell, the podcast show aims to step into the shoes of real-life startup founders and talk about their success and failures, as well as what it is like to be an entrepreneur in today's fast-paced world. Are you a founder and want to gain some free marketing for your startup? If you feel the same way, then do not hesitate and contact us now and let's make a sweet podcast.l Credits: THIS SHOW, THE STARTUPS OR THE ENTREPRENEURS HOSTED ON THIS SHOW IS NOT IN ANY KIND BEING SPONSORED OR PROMOTED. THIS SHOW IS NOT BEING SPONSORED BY ANY COMPANY OR ORGANISATION. ITS IS PURELY IN OUR OWN INTEREST TO UNDERSTAND THE ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET l * Music licensed from* Record Player Static Sound - Recorded by Mike Koenig* AM Radio Tuning Sound - Public Domain

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